Ring Size

At Diamond Aurora we understand you may not already know your ring size. Whether you’re purchasing the ring for yourself or buying it for a loved one in secret, we have a number of ways to help you select the right size.

If you are purchasing a ring in secret, finding out your partner's correct ring size can be tricky.  Here are some tips to help you select a ring size.

  • Ask your loved ones family and friends to see if they know your partner's finger size.
  • Borrow a ring that is worn on the correct finger and have it measured by a local jeweller.
  • Try the ring on yourself and mark where it comes to on your finger then have your finger measured.

If all of the above fails we recommend you select what is known in the trade as an average finger size. The most popular ladies' finger size in the UK is a size M. It is always better to present a ring that will fit on her finger rather than being too small to try on. If you find the ring doesn’t fit once you have presented the ring then you can send it back to us to be resized free of charge.  You can either book an appointment to have their finger measured by us or pop in to a local jeweller if it is more convenient.  All of our rings are laser sized for a quality finish.

If you are choosing a ring together or for yourself then finding out your accurate ring size is easier.  

  • Email us at info@diamondaurora.com with your name and address and we will send you one of our free ring sizers.
  • Contact us and book an appointment and have a member of our team measure your finger.
  • Visit a local jeweller and have your finger measured.

When selecting the right finger size here are a few things to consider.

  • The ring should fit your finger comfortably.  It should be snug enough to stay on your finger but loose enough to pass over your knuckle.
  • Your finger size fluctuates during the day and according to the weather. For accuracy measure your finger towards the end of the day when your hands are warmer.
  • Each finger has a different size and there is usual half a size difference between your left and your right hand.
  • For those of you with larger knuckles you will need to select a slightly bigger ring.  To make sure it fits perfectly once it is on your finger, we can customise your ring with some metal bumps to make sure it does not swing round your finger.
  • All of our rings are available to purchase online in full and half sizes.
  • Ladies' finger sizes typically range from G - R, the most popular being size M.
  • Men's finger sizes usually range from O - Z, the most common being Size T.

Please note that if you’re are looking to purchase a full eternity ring with diamonds set all the way round the band, we recommend that you have your finger sized by a professional or request a ring sizer if you are unsure of your size.

International Ring Size Chart

Circumference Diameter UK, Europe, United States China
(mm) (mm) & Australia & Canada
44.2 14.1 3 6
44.8 14.3 G    
45.5 14.5

46.1 14.7 H    
46.8 14.9 4 8
47.4 15.1 I   9
48 15.3  
48.7 15.5 J    
49.3 15.7 5 10
50 15.9 K    
50.6 16.1 11
51.2 16.3 L    
51.9 16.5 6 12
52.5 16.7 M   13
53.1 16.9  
53.8 17.1 N   14
54.4 17.3 7  
55.1 17.5 O   15
55.7 17.7  
56.3 17.9 P   16
57 18.1 8 17
57.2 18.2      
57.6 18.3 Q    
58.3 18.5 18
58.9 18.8 R    
59.5 19 9 19
60.2 19.2 S   20
60.8 19.4  
61.4 19.6 T   21
62.1 19.8 10  
62.7 20 U   22
63.4 20.2 10½  
64 20.4 V   23
64.6 20.6 11  
65.3 20.8 W   24
65.9 21 11½ 25
66.6 21.2 X    
67.2 21.4 12 26
67.8 21.6 Y    
68.5 21.8 Z 12½  
69.1 22    
69.7 22.2   13  
70.4 22.4 Z+1    
71 22.6 Z+2 13½