Diamond Colour

Diamonds are graded on how colourless they are. The absence of colour accentuates intense flashes of fire.  The less colour a diamond has, the more desirable and costly it is.  Diamonds are graded from D, which is deemed colourless, to Z which is pale yellow or brown in colour.  The variation in colour is so subtle that it is difficult for the untrained eye to see the difference between each grade. 

Colours D-F are considered ‘colourless’ and are extremely rare. Grades G-J are classed as ‘near colourless.’ The colour is difficult to detect unless compared with diamonds with higher grades, which make them excellent value for money.   Diamonds with colours K-M have are seen as having a faint yellow colour, whereas grades N-Z have a noticeable yellow or brown colouring.

At Diamond Aurora we stock diamonds of only the finest quality from colour grades D-J.  If you’re a purest and are looking for colour and quality over size, then consider diamonds with a colour grade between D-F.  If you are looking for value for money and something slightly bigger in size, then select a diamond with a colour grade between G-I. 

Fluorescence is something to consider when buying a diamond. It can have a positive or negative effect on the look of a diamond.  Fluorescence refers to the way in which a diamond reacts when exposed to UV lighting.  Although it does not generally affect the fire and brilliance of a diamond, under a UV lamp it may emit a visible light which is usually blue in colour.  It can make some lower colour diamonds such as I,J,K etc. look better than they are and appear more colourless.  In rare cases it can have a negative effect, making a diamond appear milky or hazy, and therefore less desirable. Fluorescence is also graded from 'None' to 'Very Strong.' Stones with this attribute are generally less expensive and can offer better value for money.

Diamonds also come in a spectrum of rare colours, yellow being the most common through blue, green, pink and even red - the rarest colour.  These scarce, intensely coloured diamonds are known as 'Fancy' colours.  Coloured diamonds are graded on their shade and on the intensity of their saturation, from 'Fancy Light' to 'Fancy Vivid' in colour. Diamonds which are 'Natural' in colour are more desirable and extremely rare, which is reflected in their price.

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